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--->WE have the alternative to the larger schools which cost over $20K for an 8-9 month course.  Many people cannot attend class daily or leave their jobs, but they want to make a change.   (See School description TAB above)

--->THIS UNIQUE HANDS-ON COURSE MIGHT BE JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!!  You can jumpstart your career or put yourself on a path to a new one! Our training method is a proven way to learn all the basics of dental assisting AND you get more hours for less money!


April 2014 Lori from Lodi,

"I liked working in a functioning office because it gave us the opportunity to ask about "things we see" rather than just what we see in the text book…..just jump in there and get going. I wouldn't change my schooling at all. I studied for hours, I made sure to clarify what I didn't understand, and I paid full attention. After teaching at UEI where students are just pushed along with low grades, I would hands down recommend your school!"

Nov 2013 - Joy from Stockton ,

"My dentist has been kind and teaches me a lot too! I've learned that  every dentist has different preferences so I adjust to a different environment or setting - even with different people. She said she'll train me to do both front and back at the clinic as we go along . She'll also help me look for patients when I'll take my RDA practical test.  Thank you Nancy for everything ! I really do appreciate it! I am lucky I found the school and got to know you!













What about it?   Both our Director and our RDA Instructor have over 20 years of experience in the Dental field.  They love what they do and will pass along that same contagious enthusiasm to ALL of their students!  Classes are held in a  working Dental Office on Saturdays 8:45a - 5p. and again Tues evenings from  6p -10p for our LAB.  More hours means more personalized practice in a small class of 6-10 students at a time.This training is condensed and intensive! By comparison, classes are conducted in the same manner as a college summer-school course. 

Our Dental Assisting School campus is in a working dental office and offers lots of EXTRAS.

From Hands-on to hand-outs,  DVD's and CD's, flip charts or nmemonic devices that we have created,  EVERYTHING is geared to help you learn! There's even a catchy little chorus that'll teach you the steps for placing a composite filling!  Sound Intriguing?

There is nothing else like it out there!

Our Dental X-ray manikins  don't seem to mind all the wear-and-tear we put them through! Open, Close! Open, close! Reposition here and then there!   They won't even bite!  They are waiting for YOU!

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Dental Assisting is one of the best jobs for young people these days. In their 3/16/12 article, Forbes staff writer, Jenna Goudreaux says,   

"Topping the list at No. 1, dental assistant came out as the best job for young people in the current market. The position requires only moderate-term on-the-job training and entails preparing patients and dental equipment and keeping track of inventory and medical records. Earning $33,470 annually, 17.6% of these workers are younger than 25, and the function is increasingly in demand. The job is expected to grow 35.7% and boasts 16,100 openings each year"